*NEW* Coming Summer 2017… “LEA”

With Scotland’s official Middle Eastern dance school, Little Egypt Studio, entering into it’s 4th year this year! (Yes, really?!) and today being Aries New Moon with Venus in retrograde, just before Mercury goes retrograde let me share with you this…

Now, first of all, let me just say that if you haven’t been actively involved in things like classes or performances lately and you’ve only been checking here and on social media for updates, you could be forgiven for thinking that Bellydancingbarbie and Little Egypt Studio had all but retired and shut up shop… granted we have been rather quiet in our online presence of recent years but only for VERY GOOD REASON!..

You see, in actual fact (and if you’ve kept yourself actively involved in classes, workshops and activities in person you will be 100% well aware that) things for BELLYDANCINGBARBIE & LITTLE EGYPT STUDIO ARE ABOUT TO SKY ROCKET!!!


Here is one reason…

Little Egypt Bellydancing Academy Edinburgh

Little Egypt Studio is opening an education wing!

Little Egypt Academy launches summer 2017. Offering nationally recognised qualifications. Providing Scotland’s most dedicated dance, fitness and wellness enthusiasts with healthy progressive challenges, self care investments and real world career development opportunities.

Did you secure your priority status yet to receive updates of the launch party? Ask me how and ask me now, before the wonders of mercury are upon us!

New Moon Blessings

Lindsey Marié Silver

Bellydancingbarbie & Little Egypt Studio

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