Belly Jam & Stretch 90min

Belly Jam & Stretch 90min

Join us for a special 8 week course of Belly Jam & Stretch! In this special one and a half hour journey enjoy combining 45 minutes of energising Bellydance Jams set to euphoric Arabian dance music followed by 45 minutes of goddess ritual strengthening, stretching, guided meditations and progressive relaxations.

BellyJam: This exciting aerobic belly dancing class was developed by Lindsey, full-time professional bellydancer and sought-after personal trainer, in 2008 and has been a roaring success ever since!

Utilising high-intensity-interval-training, one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular health boosting exercise, BellyJam™ move sequences are designed to be easy enough for everyone to follow and to engage the entire body in exhilarating exercise. The resulting class delivers feel good, calorie burning bellydance fitness!

BellyJam™ is scientifically proven to effectively target heart & lung health, muscular strength and stamina, whilst the relaxation and stretch components ensure you feel absolutely fabulous and flexible afterwards. Expect to burn up to 800kcal! ↓SCROLL↓

Who needs the gym when you can Jam!

BellyStretch - combining fluid goddess "bellydance" movement meditations with dynamic, static and assisted stretches. Achieve "flow" as you ease overworked muscles and mind, gently strengthening and toning key areas of your body whilst building flexibility and harmony throughout your entire being.

Set to the soothing and hypnotic sounds of Arabian lounge, world music, healing frequencies and binaural beats with ambient lighting and therapeutic warmth. Move sequences are designed to be easy enough for everyone to follow whilst meditation, mindfulness, tapping and progressive muscular relaxation elements bring a sense of deeply restful relaxation and wellbeing to both the body and mind. BellyStretch can be enjoyed as a boost to general wellbeing, enhancing your spiritual connection and as a gateway to depth of movement and bellydance floor work.

The class is not only a modern fitness class, it honours feminine cosmic connection with sisterhood circles, astrological updates and each session comes to a natural rhythmical finish ensuring you continue to enjoy all of the benefits even in the hours after class and beyond.

Shaping a leaner, elegant and more relaxed silhouette. Reconnecting you to your true self.

No dance experience required & no need to be super bendy. Suitable for those with a reasonable base level of fitness. Wear comfortable keep fit clothing & barefeet/footgloves. Bring a yoga mat, cushion or yoga block and a blanket. Refreshments are available at the studio.

*Please arrive in good time and allow for an additional 10-15 minutes after this class to fully integrate and absorb the unique benefits it offers, coming to a natural finish and tuning in to your own natural circadian rhythms.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure your optimum safety, learning and enjoyment. Guarantee your space in all 8 CLASSES in this special term of Belly Jam & Stretch by purchasing this item. ***BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL AS CLASSES ARE POPULAR***

See you in our sacred space!


No dance or exercise experience required. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Wear comfortable keep fit clothing, FootGloves/indoor trainers. Add resistance with a hip scarf (or two!) For obvious hygiene reasons we do not loan out hip scarves. Hip scarves are available to purchase at studio from our souk range of beginner though to designer & professional. Rehydrate with water/juice. Refreshments available at studio. Any other props required will be provided.


Each of our classes at Little Egypt are enriched by the gorgeous surroundings of our feminine bedouin tented studio with underfloor heated hypo-allergenic solid bamboo flooring, high performance underlay, 16ft x 8ft wall of mirrors, natural daylight in summer, sunrise & sunset daylight therapy lighting in winter, therapeutic salt lamps and organic aromatherapy diffusers, state of the art sound systems, superfast broadband, fair-trade worldly souk shop to browse including our own unique professional costuming range and speciality teas, luxury cushions to relax into, library of books to read, complimentary organic toiletries and traditional hot teas & cold drinks. It's a desert oasis retreat right in the heart of Edinburgh.

----- Please note: Images may be taken during this course for social media. Tag and follow us at instagram account: Lindsey.at.littleegypt #LittleEgyptStudio #LittleEgyptStudioEdinburgh Should you have any questions regarding our photography and data policy do just ask

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7:15 - 8:45PM


21st Oct - 9th Dec 2019


Lindsey Mariè Silver


5 Spaces